Thursday, April 15, 2010

you go Offbeat Bride!

I like the wedding blog, Offbeat Bride, although I am no where near planning a wedding. I'm still working on finding dates! It's just inspirational seeing people do what THEY want to do, regardless of what society (and the wedding industry) says a wedding should be.

Recently, they had a post about losing your virginity on your wedding night. Some of the advice goes against what Catholics are "supposed" to do (or rather, not do :-P), but I still thought the advice as well as the comments that followed made good points. I particularly liked how they said you shouldn't leave your pleasure completely in the hands of your partner. Communicate!

Personally, although I used to say I would wait until "the wedding night," I'm not so sure about that now. Firstly, not all virgins feel like sex after all the craziness of the wedding day, so I might be exhausted too. Also, I don't know if I want to be bumbling and fumbling so much on the wedding night or the honeymoon. I might amend that goal of mine to "wait until we move in together." No, I'm not saying I want to cohabitate pre-engagement. But seriously, if we move in together a week or so before the wedding day, does it really matter if we wait until the proverbial wedding night? Now we're supposed to wait one or two weeks AFTER we move in to hook up? I mean, really. Is that a reasonable expectation?

I don't know, but it looks like I have quite a while before I have to worry about that anyway!

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