Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Off Track

So I didn't hit my New Years Resolution goal for this month. In all honesty, I didn't try very hard. I didn't follow my own advice of staying active on dating sites. In my defense, I have been busy this month (and just came back from being out of town). I was not in a dating frame of mind. Also, remember, I actually have been doing the online dating thing for seven months, not merely 3. The novelty is wearing off, needless to say.

Online dating has been discouraging. I've met 4 guys and did not go past "dating" with any of them. Most of the guys who message me don't read my profile, and the tone of their messages makes me think they're just looking for a fling. And the current young man I'm talking to, well, I'm just going to stop.

I know, beauty is only skin deep. Inner beauty is more important than outer beauty. However, Kyle has nothing going for him. His personality is blah. He also finally posted a pic of his whole face on the dating site, and his looks are blah. He's kind of scary looking with his lack of a smile, actually. It looked more like a mug shot. I know some guys are too macho, and too cool to smile. I don't like that. I pictured Kyle to be a shy but warm and sweet type, with a slightly scruffy, Johnny Depp-esque sense of style. His picture changes my view of him to a cold, unwelcoming type whose style is "black." He cut his hair too and now has a buzzcut. He had ear-length hair before, which I prefer on guys. He also finally listed his religion as "spiritual but not religious." Eh, I'm not opposed to trying out a "spiritual" man (Nate was Agnostic), but if this is in addition to a boring personality, not interested.

No wonder he's a 28 year old virgin.

Kyle sent me another email Friday, before I went out of town. I'm not going to write back. Yeah, I'm going to "play the game" a bit and not write back to see if that elicits a follow up "how are you, haven't heard from you in a while" email. I'm sure he's not that into me, and the feeling is mutual. Might as well just let the correspondence fade.

I'm not abandoning my resolution. Just because I slip up once is no reason to stop. I need to make it a priority again. Spring Break will provide a good opportunity to do just that.

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