Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Where do all the single men work?

One of the many reasons why I am still single is because I just do not encounter a lot of men daily, particularly at work. I live in a neighborhood full of millennials, which helps with "chance encounters," but my industry is predominantly female. There are no men at my job, at all.

I am contemplating a career change. Not to find a man...necessarily. However, I am considering a career in a field that has more men. Actually, I think it’s predominantly male (woohoo!). So just for fun, I decided to google which jobs are male-heavy. Some I would have thought of on my own (like construction), but it was fun to just see more official lists and get more ideas. With some help from, NEW and the Florida Times, here is a list of jobs dominated by men:

Construction inspectors
Computer repairers
Railroad conductors
Truck drivers
Small engine mechanics

So if you’re thinking of a career-change, why not put yourself in the place of more suitors? Although, if you are a construction worker, I guess the men might not find you all that feminine or womanly. Well, that is, until you come to the holiday party all dolled-up! You can also work behind the desk in some of these industries though as the accountant, secretary, lawyer, etc. Why not consider it?


  1. that is certainly one way. there's quite an even distribution of men and women in my office and yet, hard pressed to find decent eye candy.

  2. You might also consider journalism. Four of the five newsrooms in which I've worked have been almost entirely sausagehangs, and they're generally staffed with well-read, interesting people.

  3. Journalism is one of the fields I'm considering! That or something related to technology/computers. I've actually secured some freelance work with a couple local newspapers recently :-)