Tuesday, March 22, 2011

going alone

I amended my New Year's resolution to going to someplace alone once per week and meeting a new group of people once per month. Although the idea of going to so many things alone and seeing upwards of twelve new groups of people in a year seemed a bit intimidating, so far, it's been fun!

Some things I have done alone:

-Gone to documentary screenings that were followed by discussion ("Forks Over Knives," "The World According to Monsanto," and "The End of the Line")

-Attended a fundraiser at a bar for an animal shelter

-Participated in my parish's young adult trivia night at a pub

-Took dance lessons with the same young adult group

-Caught up on some reading at a coffeeshop

-Mingled with new people at my other young adult group's biweekly meeting

So after several weeks of busyness, I chose to chill out this week, spending Monday, Tuesday (and tonight) at home! It's been nice to just exercise, veg out, cuddle with my cats and actually play a Wii game besides Wii Fit!

Have any new dates come from these excursions? No. Although I've been enjoying myself so much that I sometimes forget my other objective of staying alert for guys. Of course, when I am on the lookout, I only notice coupled guys checking me out, or old men. Not old like 35 years old. Old like wrinkles and gray hair. Ugh. There are few single guys at any of the things I attend. It's hard not to think that all the men my age aren't taken. Where are the single guys?

I have been lax about okcupid too, although a guy I messaged a couple weeks ago, B, finally responded. Apparently he's been crazy busy too. I looked at his profile again as I couldn't remember why he piqued my interest!

As long as I'm doing something I enjoy, I don't feel lonely in a crowd, and I'm not afraid to go alone. I already go to so many things alone as a single person anyway: laundromat, book club, grocery store, car, gas station, church, work, library, doctor, vet, dentist. I didn't understand why I initially felt a little nervous about doing fun stuff alone. I'd rather attend a Vegan documentary by myself than go to a big party with a friend. Not sure why those two things feel so different. Maybe because I like documentaries about the environment and really dislike big parties, so much that even going with my best friend doesn't help.

Perhaps putting myself in all these places, with all these new people, will bring guys my way. But if not, at least I'm having fun in the meantime.


  1. i like that you aren't afraid to go out and do things on your own. in fact my colleagues and i were just having this very same conversation at lunch and they thought i was a freak 'coz i too am not really bothered bout doing things alone.

  2. My friend M and I talked about that last night. She still lives at home because she's jobless, and though she wants to move out, she doesn't think she can live alone. I told her I love it! It's nice not sharing anything with anyone. I don't feel lonely at home. I feel lonely in a crowded room.