Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Not your type? Just right...right?

Yahoo's Shine site recently had an article about dating outside your type. It had advice from Andrea Syrtash, author of He's Just Not Your Type. The idea was that women should widen their scopes and not be so focused on "checklists" for their dates. Also, women should not freak out if they fall for a guy who isn't their type.

Having never been in a relationship, I don't know what my "type" is. I can't seem to click with anyone. :-P I have a checklist of sorts, but lately I've dated guys who don't fit everything on my list. Actually, I've loosened up a lot having decided to be childfree. It's already "picky" enough to say, "I will not date a man who wants children." I still have a somewhat negative approach when it comes to figuring out my type, as in "my type is not..." I don't want to date Atheists, political extremists, sexual deviants, gangbangers or drug addicts. I have also dated guys who were just, well, dull, and was not interested in a second date. Perhaps that's the sort of man I should pursue according to her? Someone who goes to work and goes home every day? Someone who isn't more than his job, who mostly hangs at home when not at work is who I should consider?

Because I am childfree, I am not in a race against time. I don't need to hurry up and get married and have children because my fertility will stop dropping within a few years. Some estimates say women's fertility can start dropping as early as twenty-seven years old. I come from a long line of Fertile Myrtles, so I don't know if that's true for me. However, I don't need to "settle" as they say. I don't need to settle for someone who's boring but stable and father-material. I can hold out for the type I really want.

Now, I know that exciting guys can be high maintenance and intense, and that might not work for me either. I guess I want someone who's a happy medium. I don't want someone completely average, but I don't want a party animal, daredevil type.

I guess I just need to read the book to see what Syrtash means by dating someone who isn't one's type. I just don't see how a radical, Atheist, BDSM druggie would work for me. :-P

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