Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Dating Resolution

Tis the season for New Year's Resolutions. I'm sure the blogosphere will have plenty of posts about people's resolutions, but mine actually relates to the blog, hence this post.

I try to keep resolutions easy and attainable, and with the exception of 2009, I keep them. I never make weight loss a goal, because a) I know I probably won't keep it and b) I believe lifestyle changes are more important than quick fix, temporary diets.

My goal for 2010 has two parts. First, I will update my blog once a week. Given the amount of time I spend on facebook, I think I can find time weekly to update! Secondly, I will either date one new guy or go to one singles event every month. Honestly, these really are just continuations of things I started in 2009 anyway, but again, I like to make my goals attainable. Of course, if I catch a boyfriend by the end of the year, goal 2 will become null and void. I didn't make that my resolution because that's a bit too lofty for me, I think. It'll make my dating escapades less fun and add more pressure to every date, i.e. "I must make him fall madly in love with me in this one hour date! I only have 10 months to find love!"

After a bit of a dry spell in December, I started talking to a guy on okcupid. We'll see how that goes. Perhaps he'll be my January date. If not, I recently joined some Singles meetup groups, so we'll see if any of those groups plan something for the coming month. I must stay active and keep meeting new people. I mustn't get discouraged! Even if I don't find a man by 2011, this'll all improve my conversational skills and bring me wisdom about dating.

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